Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The study on the effect of bulb size and deflowering on the growth, bulb yield and essential oils content and constituents of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Lorestan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    geimadil, reza    0000-00-00
2    Effects of some Medicinal Plants Essential Oils on Main Fungal Diseases Control of Tangrin and Greenhouse Tomato Fruits under Lab Conditions            0000-00-00
3    Inhibitory Effects of some Medicinal Plants Essential Oils on Plodia interpunctella Hübner Under Lab Conditions            0000-00-00
4    Electeromagnetic Instrument Designe and Made for Seed Germination of Sweet Pepper and Hot Pepper and Fenugreek            0000-00-00
5    Effects of Farmex Nano Fertilizer and Biologiocal Fertilizer on some Quantitative and Qualitative of Rubia            0000-00-00
6    The Influence of Temperature, Light and some Plants Extract on Biomass and Pigment Production in Monascus purpureus            0000-00-00
7    An Investigation into the effect of different drying, packaging and storage methods on the physical and biochemical properties of Zarrin geyah, a native medicinal plant (Dracocephalum kotschyi)            0000-00-00
8    : the reversible of spent mushroom casing layer as casing layer for button mushroom    M.Sc.    nadi, saeed    2010-06-05
9    Breeding of tomato cultivar hybrids for agronomic traits    M.Sc.    FARZANE, AKRAM    2010-08-02
10    Effect of plant density and cultural system on some qualitative and quantitative characteristics , seed and fruit yield and oil seed content of Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca    M.Sc.    Sure, Shirzad    2010-09-11
11    Study on the effects of water stress on growth and essential oil of three Mentha speices under controlled conditions.    M.Sc.    nezami, somayyeh    2010-09-19
12    Investigation of effects fungicidal essential oil from several medicinal plant and spice in control Bottrytis cinerea and Rhizopus stolonifer rot fungus postharvest under invivo and in vitro conditions.    M.Sc.    mohammadi, samaneh    2010-09-19
13    Effect of thermo- priming and plant densty on flowering, yield and cormlet production of saffron( Crocus sativus)    M.Sc.    Nasrabadi, Marziyeh    2010-09-19
14    Effect of mulch and irrigation interval on growth and yield of tow cultivar of melon (Cucumis melo) in Razavi Khorasan province.    M.Sc.    Nastari Nasrabadi, Hossein    2010-09-19
15    effect of colored mulchs and space plant on vegetatives and reproductive properties on summer squash    M.Sc.    Fatemi tajaddin, Hamideh    2010-09-19
16    The study on the effect of some decontamination techniques on the microbial load of some important medicinal plants    M.Sc.    valiasill, razieh    2010-10-07
17    Investigation the effect of several essential oils on reducing the infection of media culture and growth and development of plants in vitro    M.Sc.    ghazi motlagh, seydeh zeynab    2010-10-23
18    The study on the effect of manure and compost application on growth, development, microbial load and active substances of Mentha piperita and Valeriana officinalis    M.Sc.    Mirmostafaee, Somayeh    2011-07-18
19    The investigation on the effect of diffrent irrigation levels and mulch application on growth, development and active substances of mint (Mentha pipperita)    M.Sc.    ,    2011-08-26
20    The use of biological fertilizers on the growth indicators Satureja hortensis L.    M.Sc.    kazemi hesar, zohreh    2011-08-28
21    : Effect of salt stress and seed priming on morphological characteristics, yield and active substances of Calendula officinalis    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh, zakieh    2011-08-29
22    Effect of different organic fertilizers on morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristic of bell and hot pepper (Capsicum annuum var. California and Capsicum annuum var. Red chili)    Ph.D    aminifard, mohammadhossein    2011-09-20
23    The study on interaction of CO2 enrichment and salinity stress on some qualitative and quantitative characteristics of basil (Ocimum basilicum)    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, samad    2011-09-20
24    Investigation of extending postharvest shelf life in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) cultivar synda.    M.Sc.    Akbari, Mohammad Asef    2012-01-31
25    Effect of different levels of salt (Nacl) and salicylic acid on some biochemical and morphological characteristics of four mass native basil    M.Sc.    mohammadzadeh, mahdi    2012-03-09
26    Effects of organic and biological fertilizers on growth, yield and active substance content of Lallemantia royleana    M.Sc.    nasiri, samira    2012-06-25
27    The study on the effect of quality and quantity of LED light on growth, morphological and phytochemical properties of Peppermint    M.Sc.    morabayan, Mohadeseh    2012-06-25
28    The effects of insect pollinators on fruit and seed yield of two cucurbitaceous plants (Medicinal pumpkin & Musk melon)    M.Sc.    tavakoli rad, elham    2012-09-08
29    The study on the effect of growth factors and elicitors on Ganoderic Acid production optimization in Ganoderma lucidum    M.Sc.    rahimi, negar    2012-09-24
30    The feasibility of sexual and asexual reproduction of Astragalus adscendens Boiss &Haussk.    M.Sc.    Esmaily, GHasem    2012-09-24
31    : Investigation of effects fungicidal essential oil from several medicinal plant and spice in control Penicillium spp and Rhizopus stolonifer rot fungus postharvest under Invivo and In vitro conditions    M.Sc.    Taheri, Parisa    2012-09-24
32    Effects of the fungus Trichoderma (Trichoderma sp.) in the lettuce crop (Lactuca sativa)    M.Sc.    ahoei, shahab aldin    2012-10-30
33    The research on the effect of sowing data, and anti-transpirants compounds, irrigation intervals on quality and quantitative characteristics of black cumin (Nigella sativa)    M.Sc.    safaei, zeinab    2012-10-31
34    Effect of salicylic acid on the growth and some morphophysiological traits of Mentha piperita in saline condition    M.Sc.    saedi, atiye    2012-12-09
35    Morphological and Biochemical Characteristics of Some Mentha species Cultivated in Mashhad Climate Conditions    M.Sc.    jabbarifar, seyyed morteza    2013-01-29
36    Effect of cultivation date and plant density on growth, development, yield and qualitative properties of Hibiscus sabdariffa. L in climatic condition of Darab.    M.Sc.    shaker, zeynab    2013-02-02
37    Effects of zinc and zeolite application on decreasing of cadmium accumulation in St Johnʹs wort ( Hypericum perforatum L. )    M.Sc.    Zandavifard, Zhaleh    2013-02-02
38    Preparation and Prouduction of Solid Lipid Nanoparticle containing Zataria Essential Oil and its Evaluation Efficiency on the Shelf life of some Vegetables    Ph.D    Nasseri, Mahboobeh    2013-02-26
39    Induction of cold resistance using seed priming and seedling spraying and investigation of its effect on growth, yield and yield component of four cucumber cultivars    Ph.D    ghazian, golnar    2013-02-26
40    Effects of water stress on some morphological, physiological and biochemical spinach cultivars    M.Sc.    kohzaddehmeyani, mostafa    2013-02-26
41    Effects of organic fertilizers and urea treatments on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Spinacia oleracea L    M.Sc.    azari, zakie    2013-04-16
42    : Effect of vermicompost and zeolite on the growth function of and get some quality herb dill in drought conditions    M.Sc.    najafzadeh, samira    2013-05-21
43    : Investigation on the effect of biophosphorus and different level of acid humic on Growth parameters and oil content in evening primrose (Oenothera biennis L)    M.Sc.    Aghakhani, Zeinab    2013-05-21
44    Effects of IBA and Agrobacterium rhizogenesis on rooting of apple and pear᾽ s hard wood cutting    M.Sc.    azmoode, fahime    2013-05-21
45    Review of qualitative and quantitative traits in plants in response to organic fertilizers and biological SM.    M.Sc.    babaii, kheyrollah    2013-06-05
46    Effect of plant density and planting method on quantitative and qualitative traits of medicinal plant    M.Sc.    bahlgerdi, mahnaz    2013-06-05
47    Effect of vermicompost and mycorrhiza arbuscular fungi on some morphological and physiological characteristic of summer savory (satureja hortensis) under salinity stress.    M.Sc.    rostampour karizaki, Aghil    2013-08-20
48    The study on the effects of pollination and foliar application of nano-selenium and zinc sulfate on qualitative and quantitative traits of the Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca    M.Sc.    motamedi, sirvan    2013-08-20
49    Study the effect of humic acid and yeast on morphological and phytochemical characteristics of Borago officinalis under two levels of manure    M.Sc.    nasiri, samira    2013-08-20
50    Comparison of essential oil composition and content, antioxidant activity and polyphenol compounds of Nepeta glomerulosa at different growth stages    M.Sc.    Moradi, Hoda    2013-10-08
51    Investigation of Morphological, Phytochemical and Cytological properties of some Eremostachys laciniata Bunge Populations    Ph.D    Hadipour, Alireza    2013-11-20
52    The study of Nutrient fertilizer, Storage condition, and essential oils of some plants on quantitative and qualitative characteristics and storage ability of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)    Ph.D    hosseini, azadeh    2014-01-28
53    Effect of surfactant and bio-fertilizer application on growth, yield and some physiological and biochemical changes of spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) under deficit irrigation    Ph.D    zand, akhtar    2014-01-28
54    Plant bionanosensor fabrication and design to flavonoides, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and Bionik nanostructure mechanism consider    Ph.D    Moradi, Faramarz    2014-01-28
55    Physio-Morphological Responses of some Annual Flowers to Salicylic Acid Treatment under Drought Stress and Mixed Planting Design of Selected Species.    Ph.D    zargarian, seyed majid    2014-01-29
56    : Study of Growth and Yield Response of Grafted and Non-grafted Greenhouse Cucumber Plants to Salinity Stress    Ph.D    Farhadi, Ali    2014-02-04
57    Effect of different levels of electromagnetic field on the parameters of vegetative, reproductive, physiological changes and the amount of active substance in two varieties of pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L)    Ph.D    baradaranrad, ali    2014-02-18
58    The effect of different drying methods and storage time on the quality and biochemical characteristics of medicinal plant seedless barberry Berberis vulgaris var.asperma    M.Sc.    talebzadeh, seyedeh laleh    2014-03-01
59    Effect of Different Levels of Fertilizer Nano_Fe Chelates & Nano_Mn Chelates & Nano_ Zn Chelates on Growth and Yield Characteristics Ocimum Baslicum    M.Sc.    Panahandeh, Nasrin    2014-03-04
60    Comparison of essential oils of some medicinal plants on the shelf, preventing the sprouting of potatoes in storage and some quantitative and qualitative traits.    M.Sc.    javdani asleh, mitra    2014-03-04
61    Assessing efect of Nano, Bio and Urea fertilisers on Morphlogical and Physiological characteristic of the two local population on basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)    M.Sc.    fattahi siyah kamari, saeed    2014-03-04
62    Evaluating the Effect of Temperature, Atmosphere and Packaging Materials on Some Physiological Aspects and Active Substance of Medicinal Plant Seeds in Apiaceae Family During Storage    Ph.D    baghdadi, gonai    2014-03-16
63    Evaluation of Bentonite, use of salisilic asid and Deficit Irrigation on Growth and Yield of Two Cultivars of Commercial Iranian Melon (Cucumis melo L.).    Ph.D    Nastari Nasrabadi, Hossein    2014-04-15
64    The study on the effect of storage time,storage temperature and packaging on germination and active substances quality and quantity of evening primrose seeds    M.Sc.    ahmadi, hoda    2014-04-15
65    Improvement the qualitative and quantitative traits of ornamental herbs colleus sp and codiaeum sp with use of trichoderma isolates and zincب    M.Sc.    showghy, elham    2014-04-15
66    Comparing the combining abilities, heterosis and genetics characteristics of cucumber lines for morphological, biological and yield characteristics in diallel analysis.    Ph.D    moghbeli hanzai, Ecehagh    2014-05-11
67    Comparison of Nano K and Ca fertilizers and Humic Acid on Growth Parameters, Essential Oils, Nutrient Absorption of Mentha Piperita.L under Salt and Drought Stresses    Ph.D    salarpishe, mohsen    2014-07-27
68    The Study of Irrigation Control, Superabsorbent Nanocomposite Polymers, Vermicomposte and K Application On Some Qualitative and Quantitative Characteristics, Active Substances and Cormlets Production of Saffron( Crocus sativus L.).    Ph.D    ramazani, amin    2014-08-11
69    Investigation of morphological and phytochemical variations of medicinal plant Stevia (SteviarebaudianaBertoni) with the respect of secondary metabolites in response to several carbon sources    Ph.D    Akbarpour, Vahid    2014-10-25
70    Study the effect of pre-harvest application of salicylic acid and post-harvest treatments with sulfur pad, calcium and    Ph.D    HASANABADI, MAHMOOD    2014-12-01
71    Evaluation of Salinity Resistance in Fig (Ficus carica L.) and It’s Offspring using physiological and Biochemical Characteristics    Ph.D    Zarei, Mahvash    2014-12-08
72    Study of morphological and phytochemical diversity of some bunium (Bunium persicum) populations in khorasan province.    M.Sc.    talebi, mahdi    2014-12-16
73    Cultivation possibility and investigation of nutritional impact on morphological, physiological and phytochemical characteristics of Eryngo (Eryngium caeruleum) domestication    Ph.D    Daneshfar, Elham    2015-01-11
74    Effects of temperature and light and some plant extracts on biomass and pigment production Monascus purpureus    M.Sc.    rahhimi, masomeh    2015-02-17
75    The Study of MorphoPhysiological Changes, Growth and Development and some Quantitative and Qualitative Charactristics of Tomato (cv. Newton) Foliar Application Treated by some Amino Acids under Salinity Stress    Ph.D    poursoltan Hojagan, Mohsen    2015-03-07
76    Effect of foliar application of seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extract on the quantity and quality of comercial tomato plant    M.Sc.    shahriari fakhrabad, mahdi    2015-03-16
77    Effect of humic acid and fulvic acid on growth and yield characteristics of fenugreek under salt stress    M.Sc.    Keshavarz, Saeed    2015-04-28
78    Growth, Development, Flowering And Yeild Component Comparison Of Nine Wild Popiluation Of Iranian Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L)    M.Sc.    saeb, hoda    2015-04-28
79    Effect of different herbal extracts and packaging types on microbial content and shelf life of basil vegetable    M.Sc.    Mansoori, Narjes    2015-04-28
80    Effect of reuse of substrates with industrial and natural super absorbent on characteristics of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) and Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) in Intercropping Condition.    M.Sc.    Delkhosh, Fahime    2015-06-02
81    Optimization of inulin extraction from Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) Green globe cultivar and its addition effect on viability of probiotic bacteria in yogurt    Ph.D    Ehsani, Jalal    2015-06-13
82    The study of phenology and phytochemical properties of (Rosa foetida J. Herrmann) from Kurdistan province    M.Sc.    allah veysi, nesar    2015-06-30
83    Investigation of Physico-Chemical Properties, Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Ten Indigenous Barberry Genotypes    M.Sc.    Khodabandeh shahraki, Mahsa    2015-07-05
84    Allelopathic activity interaction of some medicinal plants using Dish Pack and Sandwich method    M.Sc.    sadeghi fard, somaye    2015-07-07
85    Investigation of the effect of UV-B radiation on some morphological, physiological and Biochemical parameters of rosemary plants under salinity stress    Ph.D    Hamidi Moghaddam, Abolghasem    2015-08-22
86    Evaluation of the type substrate culture on quantitative and qualitative characteristics Three varieties of basil in terms of the production of urban homes.    M.Sc.    ramezannezhad, sahar    2015-08-25
87    Production of F1 Tomato Hybrids and Evaluation of their Morphophysiological and Qualitative Traits under Salt Stress    Ph.D    Nezami, Somayyeh    2015-09-29
88    The Studing Effect of Increased Carbon Dioxide Concentration on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Two Species of Ornamental Plants (Scindapsus spp. and Singonium spp.)    M.Sc.    fayaz, hadise    2015-11-28
89    The Effects of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar vicea and Psudomunas fluorescens on Some of Quantitative and Qualitative Properties of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in Gorgan Conditions.    Ph.D    vahdatpour, fahimeh    2015-12-20
90    Investigating the effect of growing media and nano- and chemical fertilizers on seedling establishment and performance of purple coneflower (Echinacea sp.)    M.Sc.    Heravi, Fateme    2016-01-19
91    Phytochemical and biological evaluation of natural populations of Chelidonium majus and optimization of Micropropagation and Hairy root culture based on Sanguinarine production    Ph.D    ghasemi, Masoud    2016-01-23
92    Effect of Potassium Nitrate on morpho-biological and yield traits of cultivars of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under salt and drought stresses    M.Sc.    razzaghi, mohammad    2016-02-09
93    Evalution of humic acid and fulvic acid and amino acid as fertigation on quantitative and qualitative traits on cucumis sativus var. Super Damynvs under drought stress    M.Sc.    najafi, meysam    2016-02-09
94    A study on influence sunlight's intensity and it's quantity on variations in physiological and morphological characteristics of peppermint (Mentha piperita L)    M.Sc.    morabbayan, majid    2016-02-13
95    The study compared the impact of the application of organic fertilizers derived from municipal solid waste and urea on some quantitative and qualitative traits of peppermint    M.Sc.    Lotfian, Yaser    2016-03-08
96    Effects of Selenium on Sex Expression and Some Morphophysiological Characteristics of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)    Ph.D    shekari, lila    2016-05-07
97    The Study of Essential Oils of some Medicinal plants and Inter cropping Influence on some Qulitative and Quantitative Characterstics of Musk Melon(Khatoni and khagjhani)    Ph.D    raeisi, ameneh    2016-05-07
98    The study of biology, cytology and reproductive system in some native salvia species in Mashhad weather    Ph.D    Esmaeili, Ghasem    2016-05-09
99    Morpho-physiological and phytochemical evaluation of Salvia multicaulis vahl. ecotypes of Hamedan province and the optimization of seed germination in order to its domestication    Ph.D    Salehi, Foroozan    2016-05-10
100    Effects of chemical, manure, biological and vermicompost fertilzers on growth and physiological, phytochemical and biological traits of Thymus daenensis, Allium hirtifolium and Allium ampeloprasum under different two climtes of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province    Ph.D    Valiasill, Razieh    2016-05-11
101    The effect of Biochar on physiological, morphological and biochemical responses and accumulation of heavy metals lead and cadmium in Lettuce    Ph.D    Valizadeh, Akram    2016-05-17
102    Reduce the adverse effects of thermal stress through the use of salicylic acid, wood mulch and vermicompost fertilizer in two cultivars of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)    Ph.D    hosseini, samira    2016-05-18
103    Phytochemical Investigation of five Narcissus spp genotypes and in vitro production of their active substances by using elicitors and hairy root induction    Ph.D    TARAKEMEH, AMENEH    2016-06-28
104    Investigation of Various Methods for Enhancement of Periwinkle Secondary Metabolites Production by Using Mutation, Elicitors and changing of Medium Constituents in Hairy Root Culture System    Ph.D    hemmati, nastaran    2016-06-28
105    The Evaluation and Selection Descurainia sophia Between Several Local Pupulation in Khorasan Razavii Province for Quantitative and Qualitative Traits and Medicinal propeties    Ph.D    habibi, nahid    2016-07-13
106    The study of substrate and Trichoderma harzianum L. Interaction on Growth and Development Root and Essential oil yield of Valeriana officinalis under soilless culture condition    M.Sc.    ghasemi, najmeh    2016-08-16
107    Greenhouse Covering Influence on Growth and Fruit Production of Two Tomato Cultivars in Winter and Summer Cultivation Periods    Ph.D    ahooi, shahab    2016-08-30
108    The effect of amino acids, humic acid and biological fertilizers such as Nitroxin, morphological traits, physiological and biochemical basil (Ocimum basilicum L.).    M.Sc.    Alhasnawi, Hayder Ramadhan    2016-10-18
109    Effect of mulch and cultivation method on quantitative and qualitative traits of four landrace morphotype of the nutty watermelon    M.Sc.    HOKMABADI, KAZEM    2017-02-28
110    Investigating on the effect of different LED light spectrums on growth, biomass, active substances and application of various substrates mixture on fruit body production of Ganoderma lucidum    M.Sc.    shabanian, atefeh    2017-02-28
111    The effect of nitroxin usage and drought stress on growth and yield of two, Iranian and Iraqi Celery ecotype    M.Sc.    alameri, aws    2017-04-18
112    The Study of Influence of some Amino Acids, Organic and Bio Compound and Methanol on Production of Broccoli Transplants    M.Sc.    barati, morteza    2017-04-18
113    compare the effect of biofertilizer and manure on some quantative and qualtative characteristics and amount of active ingredients (coriander ) under irrigation stress condition    M.Sc.    Albdairi, Ali Amer Dahham    2017-05-16
114    Title: Investigation the effect of harvest time and drying methods on quantity and quality yield of Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)    M.Sc.    ALZUBAIDI, IBTIHAL KADHIM AZRA    2017-05-16
115    Effects of Salicylic Acid and Kno3 as priming treatments on Basil Seeds under Salinity Stress    M.Sc.    ALABBOOD, MUSTAFA    2017-05-16
116    Study of interaction effect of supplementary light quality and nutrition in tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum cv. 240)    M.Sc.    ajdanian, ladan    2017-07-11
117    The effect of wavelength of light and Nitrogen Nitrition on the transplant Quality and some Qantitative and Qualitative Charateristics of Greenhouse lettuce (var. Atabaki) under Soilless Culture Condition    M.Sc.    Ahangarani, Maryam    2017-10-03
118    The study on the effect of Five Cucurbit Rootstock on growth, development and active substances content of medicinal pumpkin    M.Sc.    Nazarpoor chahartakabi, Azadeh    2017-11-14
119    1 Study of the effect of three types of urea, potassium and phosphor fertilizers on some morphological traits and saffron yield    M.Sc.    hossaini, seyed mohammad jawad    2018-01-09